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Giants Want Ragnarok

Classic adventure story written by Jack Hillman

The Giants are stirring again and this time they’ve decided to make Eric Johnson work for them. They infect Eric and his friend Stephanie with a disease to weaken the Aesir and the dwarves. Then they set about starting Fimbulwinter to paralyze the rest of the planet while they keep trying to obtain control of Mimir, the Aesir self- aware computer that has the information needed to get everyone back to their home dimension. They also kidnap Loki and try to turn him against his own people and get control of Mimir. But Eric, Tommy and Staphanie don’t take all this lying down. Tommy has been training with the Norns, the Aesir engineers and has learned a lot. Eric and Stephanie have been working with Fornir the dragon and the Valkyr to prepare for the upcoming battle, because everyone knows it’s coming, just not when. With Tp0mmy and the Norns help, Eric must reverse the climate shift created by the giants and they must all prepare for Ragnarok as the Giants attack.

Then they find the other dragon and things get really dangerous!

Updated on December 22, 2015 by Jack Hillman